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Travel Series #001 - Kopi Bubuk

For a long time, I've wanted to create a collection of designs inspired by my travels. The colors, the patterns, letterforms - each area of the globe has so much to offer in terms of design.  As an artist, I can't NOT take notice of these things when in a new place and I want to start sharing them with you.  This first design comes from South East Sulawesi, Indonesia and it tells two unique stories. The first is told just a short motorbike ride into town where there is a swarming market. We make a point to visit every time we are in the area. The smells, the vendors, the handmade machetes. Oh did I mention the smells? On the outer wall...

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Thanksgiving 2021 Contest Clues

Enter your email address to get a FREE CLUE for our upcoming $240 Giveaway.  Clue will be sent out on Saturday Morning (11/27/21) to help you decipher the secret code, that will posted over three posts on Instagram.  Direct Message me on Instagram to be entered to win a FREE Year Subscription to our Monthly Sticker Club - for you and a friend in for 2022.  Drawing will be Saturday Evening 11/27/21 on my Instagram Story.   

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